To Rebeginnings

I have an unhealthy obsession with beginnings.

Maybe this is because I dislike endings. Finales are so. . .final. Beginnings, well, they’re always there. I’m a terrible ghoster about many things, blogging included.

It seems like every time I start something new, I want to start a blog. There was my short-lived knitting podcast/blog. A couple of long-loved blogs that are no longer active because they no longer “feel like me.” Several forgotten journals.

Beginnings also come with a sense of exclusivity. If I didn’t start a blog about starting yoga on the first day I did yoga, there’s no use blogging about my yoga journey. The beginning is over.

Maybe that’s the longitudinal researcher in me.

Winter break 2016-2017 has been an odd mix of productivity and laziness for me. I haven’t read a single academic thing. I haven’t even read a book for fun! I haven’t knit nearly as much as I usually do.

But I have played a lot of The Sims and Stardew Valley.

Indeed it is, Harvey. Indeed it is.

And I have taken up yoga.

And I have written a couple of manuscripts: one in the publication process and one I’m anxious to send out but need a few more days with.

So today, on this ninth day of 2017, I am restarting this blog. I don’t know with what aim. But with the goal of writing a little bit that isn’t required of me every week.

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